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Friday, December 14, 2012

Using Tragedies For Political Gain

It's back again. Twenty children are murdered in Connecticut and I am the saddest man on earth. Yes, I cried today when I heard the news about these poor little children. An angry twenty-year old kills his mom, twenty children, adults and then himself. I ask myself, why not just kill yourself and leave all the innocent people alone? So much sadness for no reason, except maybe selfishness.....

A few hours pass and now the Libs are going to use this tragedy for political gain. They want to get rid of the 2nd Ammendment. They want to take our guns away from us. What has this world come too? Gun control is not the answer. Real parenting would be the answer to some of the problems in this country. If parents gave their kids more hugs and direction, maybe kids would grow up healthier on the inside where it counts. You ever hear about spare the rod and spoil the child.

Blame it on video games and guns if you want to. This twenty year old boy was sick in the head. Killing anybody is horrible, but killing children takes somebody with an ugly black hole in his sole. Using tragedies like this to enhance your agenda in politics is something we expect from liberals, but still surprised me each and every time.

The media needs to leave the people involved with this tragedy alone. They need to stop trying to interview little children. They need to allow this town in Connecticut to grieve from this horrible tragedy. I am sitting here grieving myself and I am hundreds of miles away. We need to pray for the survivors and we need to pray for our country.

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