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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

An Easy Clean For The Bathtub

Sometimes you get stains on your fiberglass Bathtubs and sinks, many times these stains are dirt and soap scum. Soap scum can be very hard to clean off from your fiberglass tub and sinks. If you know the right way to do it you can remove stains from your fiberglass tubs and sinks quickly and economically. If you are a man, this technique will really impress your wife. She will be happy with you for the rest of the day. This is how the cleaning guys clean a bathtub.

What You Will Need

• A cup
• A towel
• A box of Brillo pads
• Elbow grease

Soap scum, dirt and grease can accumulate on your fiberglass sink and tub even if you try to keep it clean. This can happen from your children taking baths, your greasy husband taking showers or from you when you clean the dirt off of your body. Many products on the market are made to keep your tub and sink clean, but they do not keep away all of the soap scum that develops on your fiberglass tubs and sinks. You need to break down and use some elbow grease.
Go to the supermarket and buy a small box of Brillo Pads. This should cost you under two dollars including tax. Take your Brillo pads home and get ready to get rid of the soap scum and grease that has stuck to the sides of your fiberglass bath tub and sinks.

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to remove the stains from your fiberglass tubs and sinks quickly and economically. Take a Brillo Pad and wet it with water. Get your supplies together and have them ready. Fill your plastic cup up with water, set your towel over to the side where it will stay dry.

Take your wet Brillo Pad and begin scrubbing the soap scum and greasy stains on the side of your fiberglass bathtub and/or sink. Watch as your elbow grease and the Brillo pads easily remove the stains from your fiberglass tub and sinks. In thirty minutes you will be able to clean all of the scummy stains from the fiberglass bathtub and sinks in one complete bathroom.

When the stains are removed, take your cup of water and splash it across the built up soap from your Brillo pads. Continue to do this until all of the soap scum, grease and soap have been washed off from your tubs and sinks. You will be amazed at how nice your fiberglass bathtub and sinks look within thirty minutes of work. Take your towel and dry off your tubs and sinks. Show your wife your finished work and she will be impressed.

It should take you two to three Brillo pads to clean a complete bathroom set of fiberglass bathtubs and sinks. A box of ten Brillo pads costs less than two dollars. If you used five Brillo pads, your job would have cost you under a dollar. Try to buy this clean at your local Dollar store. They may sell you the Brillo pads, but they won’t throw in the elbow grease.

Brillo pads are cheap. Brillo pads cut through soap scum easily with the proper elbow grease. Throw the old Brillo pads away Make sure you show your wife the nice shiny clean fiberglass bathtub. Take a break, you deserved it

Tell everybody, you learned how to clean your bathtub from The Cleaning Guys.

How To Do Your Own Eco-Friendly Oil Change

You want to know how to do an eco-friendly oil change yourself on your own vehicle. You are tired of paying somebody else to change your oil, you know they use the cheapest oil on the market and you want your car to run forever. A do it yourself eco-friendly oil change is easy to do and will make you feel good knowing you are doing your best to save the environment. This is how the cleaning guys do an eco-friendly oil change

Things You Will Need

• Socket set

• Car manual

• New oil

• New filter

• Leather work gloves

• Floor jack

• Jack stands

• Oil pan

• Bucket to dispose of old motor oil

• Shop rags

• funnel

1. Drive to the motor parts store to buy a new filter and oil for your particular type of vehicle. If you don't know what type of oil or filter you need, there is two ways to find out this information. Ask the motor parts store or check in your car manual for the information. Drive home and park your car in your driveway. Jack your car up with your floor jack and place the jack stands under your front tires. Do not let the car cool down. Prepare for your first do it yourself eco-friendly oil change.

2. Open the hood of your car and secure it with the safety arm. Place the leather gloves on your hands. Pull the oil dipstick out of your car. Take off the oil cap. Grab your oil pan, socket set, and move under your vehicle and get ready to do your first do it yourself eco-friendly oil change.

3. Take the back part of the engine cover off your car using your socket set, not all cars have this, but some do. Set it to the side. Take the oil pan and place it under the oil plug. Take the oil plug out of your particular vehicle and let the oil flow out of the car and into the oil pan. Make sure you are wearing gloves because you don't want the oil to burn your skin. Make sure the oil flows into the oil pan because this is an eco-friendly oil change.

4. Take off the oil filter, empty oil filter housing, and replace it with new oil filter housing. If there is no housing, you will only need to replace the oil filter. Replace the oil filter on your particular vehicle, make sure you take a bit of new oil on your finger and wipe it around the rim of the oil filter. This will allow your filter to seal on your car and it will not leak.

5. Allow the oil to drain out of your vehicle until it stops dripping. Replace the oil plug and wipe off the excess oil with a shop rag. Replace the engine cover and take the oil pan filled with old oil out from under your car. Take the old oil and pour it into the bucket using a funnel.

6. Jack up your car and remove the jack stands. Jack your car back down, put the jack and jack stands away. Put your tools away.

7. Take your new oil and pour it into the engine. Check your cars manual for type of oil and the amount of oil you need for your particular car. Fill the engine with the new oil. Replace the oil cap and the engine dipstick. Start your car for five minutes. Check the level of your oil. Wipe any oil away from your engine you may have spilled. This is the best way to do a do it yourself eco-friendly oil change.

8. Take the old oil to your auto parts store and empty it in their bin. The auto parts store will dispose of the old oil properly in an eco-friendly way. You are doing your part to save the environment and you are making sure you keep your car running smoothly.

9. Reset the service engine light on your vehicle if it has one. Drive your vehicle normally


• Wear leather gloves when working on your vehicle. The engine oil needs to be warm when you change it to help it flow smoothly

• Dispose of engine oil properly, this is the eco-friendly part of your oil change

• Check your car manual for oil specifications

• Use jack stands for safety purposes

• Good idea to use the best oil to keep the engine of your car running smoothly