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Sunday, February 10, 2013

Another Obama State Of The Union Address

We all know what the state of the union is, declining. The jobs are disappearing. The economy sucks and the national debt is skyrocketing. President Obama has done nothing for this country and yet he gets another term. This second term is where we will see the real President Obama. Mark my words, he is not through changing America. He said this change was a change you could believe in. You better beware and realize this change will affect each of us more than you might believe.

His true agenda is not in his speech, Obama is slowly showing us his true agenda in his second term and it isn't pretty. He no longer cares what we think about him and he is not going to give you the jobs you need. He will do nothing to lower the deficit. This is proof that this State of The Union Address means nothing because it is a bunch of useless words written on a teleprompter for your President to read to you.

Another Obama State of The Union Address is a waste of all our time. It doesn't matter what he says. We see more from a person's actions than what they say. Actions speak louder than words. This President is intent on destroying America and bringing to you his true agenda. Hopefully, we make it through another four years without the Obama being able to completely destroy America. It's time for America to fight back before it is too late.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Make your voice heard--tell Congress to oppose new sales tax.

For many years, large national retailers and many state tax collectors have hoped for new Internet sales tax collection policy. They want Congress to pass a federal law that would allow tax agents from one state to enforce their sales tax laws on retailers based in other states, even when a business is based thousands of miles away. eBay Inc. opposes this misguided idea, and believes that small businesses selling via the Internet should only be subject to the tax laws of the states in which they operate.

The news from Capitol Hill is clear. Internet sales tax supporters are convinced that 2013 is their year, and they are determined to pass a new Internet sales tax bill when Congress tackles "corporate tax reform." In December, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL), the sponsor of Internet sales tax legislation, publicly announced that he had a commitment from the Senate Finance Committee to "take it up early next year and move it to the floor."

Your opinion matters. If you oppose giving state tax collectors new powers to impose and enforce out-of-state sales tax burdens on small businesses that sell via the Internet, now is the time to make your voice heardClick here to send an email to your Members of Congress and express your opposition to state tax collectors imposing unfair tax burdens on small businesses.

Thank you for helping to keep the Internet a fair and open marketplace for all.


Christopher Payne
Senior Vice President, North America
eBay Marketplaces

oppose the forced-unionism policies being pushed by Big Labor-Sign The Petition

Sign The petition here

Stop the Unions from trying to control all of our jobs......

They ask you to donate, but don't feel obligated, just do your part

Monday, February 4, 2013

Obama Encourages Boy Scouts To Accept Gays

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama on Sunday encouraged the Boy Scouts of America to end its ban on gay members and leaders, days before the group is expected to vote on the controversial and long-standing rule.
In an interview with CBS, anchor Scott Pelley asked the president if he believed scouting should be open to gays.

If the Boy Scouts change their rules, I will remove my son from the Cub Scouts. I believe the government and President Obama should stay out of private matters. Our President needs to worry about jobs, the bad economy and lowering the deficit. I would actually rather the President pay attention to his golf game and his vacations than sticking his opinion into the Boy Scouts.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Obama Poses For Super Bowl Sunday

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Our Presidential celebrity is ready for the Super Bowl. Shame he has done nothing to improve the economy or the national debt. I (for one) wish President Obama was actually a celebrity and not the President. He is good at partying, vacationing, playing golf, but he is doing nothing good for our country.